Hot About Us

BOOST Industrial is a professional entity, focusing on environment friendly, novel and high performance agrochemicals for the market.

The representative products include weed killer Super-knock (888g/kg glyphosate ammonium SG, non-selective herbicide (weed killer) to control weeds), G-Max+GlyMate (as glyphosate ammonium 980g/kg WSG + natual surfactant SD), Gly granule 75.7%, metsulfuron, Triazines, high purity Imidacloprid, lambda-cyhalothrin and etc.


Hot Products

Super-knock (888g/kg glyphosate ammonium WSG)
888g/kg glyphosate ammonium WSG
Highest fully loaded glyphosate formulation with natural surfactant inside.
GlyMate (Glyphosate + surfactant SD)
980g/kg glyphosate ammonium granule + natural surfactant SD
Easy to use, high performance. This novel formulation is now renamed as G-Max + GlyMate. With high concentration up to 980g/kg glyphosate ammonium, plus natural premium surfactant SD, GlyMate will bring surprise to you!
Glyphosate 75.7%
Glyphosate ammonium 75.7% water soluble granule
A typical glyphosate water soluble granules with many packages' options.
700 WDG and 95% tech
Provide competitive products with full solutions.